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Quiet On the Blog but…

It may be quiet on the blog

Quiet on the blog but it has been busy in the workshop with a number of projects progressing. My VSCCS application has been approved in NSW and I am just waiting on a response from the WA Department of Transport. And the picture? Well one of the projects in progress is a rebuild of a 1974 Honda QA50. This is the engine casing after a quick bead blasting.

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Motard Complete & Tested

As mentioned previously on this blog, this is a motard style conversion of a Honda CRM 250 using a 2007 model Aprilia RS-125 wheels, discs and front brake caliper.

A custom bracket was designed in Solidworks to adapt the radially mounted caliper to the original brake caliper mounting holes. Designing in 3D allowed the part to be simulated (FEA) with heavy braking loads and calculate the factor of safety, stress, strain and distortion.

One of the advantages of using the Aprilia wheels over the popular wire spoke wheels is that they incorporate a cush-drive to reduce driveline vibrations. Continue reading Motard Complete & Tested