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FEA Simulation & Real Life Testing

I wanted to make an improvement to the quadcopter since the timber arms, although cheap to replace, tend to break too easily. The main problem is that on impact the force tends to split the timber where it mounts into the hub.
I came up with a quick printed arm design and then did some testing. This also gave me a chance to compare the real life results with the FEA simulation. Here are the results. Continue reading FEA Simulation & Real Life Testing

Quadcopter Still a Work In Progress

The quadcopter has been frustrating me a little. The ESCs still shutdown with random faults and the motors stall on start-up. One of the solutions I found was to disarm the controller, arm the controller and then give the transmitter a big hit of throttle whilst holding the quadcopter down with one hand. This sometimes had enough torque to get all motors spinning but wouldn’t always work and was quite hazardous having four blades with ~650Watts of power behind them. The last occasion I tried this a propeller blade flexed, the motor wires on the boom moved a enough to catch and a broken prop was the result. The broken blade was later found several meters away. Continue reading Quadcopter Still a Work In Progress