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Motard Complete & Tested

As mentioned previously on this blog, this is a motard style conversion of a Honda CRM 250 using a 2007 model Aprilia RS-125 wheels, discs and front brake caliper.

A custom bracket was designed in Solidworks to adapt the radially mounted caliper to the original brake caliper mounting holes. Designing in 3D allowed the part to be simulated (FEA) with heavy braking loads and calculate the factor of safety, stress, strain and distortion.

One of the advantages of using the Aprilia wheels over the popular wire spoke wheels is that they incorporate a cush-drive to reduce driveline vibrations. Continue reading Motard Complete & Tested


The APRILIA RS-125 caliper has finally been installed on the Honda CRM-250. The brake system has been bled with a quality DOT-4 brake fluid. It now has a solid feel (though there is some sponginess due to brake hose expansion – this may be replaced with a braided line) and no leeks in the system. So far low-speed testing has been carried out with further testing to come.

Continue reading APRILIA RS-125 CALIPER ON HONDA CRM-250

Further Refinement of Motard Brake Bracket

Following on from the earlier post I have carried out further refinement with FEA of the Motard brake bracket.

The first design was somewhat simplified to provide mounting of the Aprilia brake caliper to the CRM 250 without too complex a shape so that it could be produced using a manually operated mill and some hand tools to fabricate. Looking at the results from the simulation showed one area that required improvement, between the upper caliper mounting bolt and the upper bracket bolt. As the following image shows.

Front Fork and Brake_Lite_Weak spot Continue reading Further Refinement of Motard Brake Bracket

FEA of Motard Brake Bracket

Sorry for the lack of updates as I was overseas for a few weeks.

Now to the article, FEA or Finite Element Analysis is an excellent tool for verifying and improving your design. The following image is of a model I have created of the Honda CRM250 front fork with the custom designed adapter bracket and radially mounted caliper from an Aprilia RS-125. Continue reading FEA of Motard Brake Bracket