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  1. Hi, I am very interest the ” Aprilia RS-125 radial mounted caliper to the Honda CRM-250 front forks”…. would you ship to Hong Kong? Please let me know how much including shipping cost… Thanks, Jack

    1. Hi Jack,
      at the moment I haven’t got the workshop set-up to produce these brackets and the time involved in manually machine the bracket would make it very expensive to sell.
      I can send you the .stl file to have the bracket 3d printed in metal but it would still require some machining to finish, the other reason I would advise against this is that the brake caliper, wheels and sprocket carrier require machining to fit the CRM and you also need to make the bearing spacers to make the bearings fit on the CRM axles.
      If all that hasn’t put you off and you happen to have the RS-125 wheels & brake caliper sitting around in a well equipped machine shop with a lot of spare time on your hands (The CRM does look fantastic on the Aprilia wheels), then I could send you some of the drawings to carry out the work yourself. You can also look on the CRM-250 forums where I documented the work involved in modifying the Aprilia parts.
      If you did want to buy a complete kit….
      there is one out there somewhere in NSW Australia but I no longer know where.

      If you have another brake caliper that already has the correct bleeder location I might be able to help design a bracket to suit.

      Best of luck,


  2. Hi Mate, I’m in need of the little plastic gear behind the Ignition barrel on a LH, LX torana. Can you help me out please.?

    1. Hi John,
      The little plastic sector gear is getting harder to get these days.It does look like they are interchangeable between Holden HX, HZ, LX, UC, VB, VC, VH, VK, & VLs if you can find one in any of those cars. I found one online at or .
      Do you have the pieces of the old gear? If you are really stuck I may be able to reverse engineer it for 3D printing or machining one like I made for my HQ
      Let me know how you go.

      Best of luck,


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