Speeddevice is about engineering, design and research with a constant desire to improve performance and continue learning.

I have an approval to be licenced as a certifier in the VSCCS (Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme) with NSW RMS (Roads & Maritime Service, formerly RTA).
I am currently working to add more categories and receive recognition with the Western Australian Department of Transport.

My aim is to provide an affordable & accessible service so more enthusiasts can have safe, certified vehicles.
I have more than nine years industry experience using CAD software to design in 2D & 3D, carryout FEA on 3D models and produce parts by conventional manufacturing techniques as well as by 3D-printing (additive manufacturing).

I hope to have details of my projects as they proceed as well as a collection of thoughts, ideas & information.

My Interests in no particular order are:

  • Aircraft,
  • Cars,
  • Motorcycles,
  • RC-planes, cars, boats…     anything RC,
  • Anything with an engine/motor (yes, even lawnmowers are interesting),
  • Electronics & micro-controllers,
  • Steam engines,
  • Mountain Biking,
  • Drawing, drafting, CAD (2D & 3D),
  • Go-karts,
  • 3D-Printing,
  • metal-work, wood-work, CNC-machining,
  • Darts,

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