Torana Sector Gear

I was contacted by John about the ignition sector gear I had made for my HQ. He needed one for a Holden Torana, I pointed out an aftermarket one I had found for HX, HZ, LX & UC model Holdens but it doesn’t seem these black sector gears are interchangeable. It also seems like the white/cream coloured reproduction part is no longer available so I have started to make one.

Here is some of the early work based off the aluminium gear I had made.

This was printed in ABS plastic. I was thinking it could be printed in a “tough” resin on a SLA type printer since the part is well shielded from UV light once installed. Another option is to print the part in regular resin on an SLA type printer (to get a smoother, high resolution finish) to make a mold in silicon then cast the part in a hard polyurethane resin.

Seeing how the part came out in the ABS I am keen to try printing in a PP GF30, that is a polypropylene plastic with glass-fibres for reinforcement.

I can make a pair of matching tools to carry out destructive testing with a torque-wrench to see how strong it really is. One tool can hold the sector gear the other with a half-inch square drive to accept the torque-wrench and drive where the ignition lock locates.

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