Honda QA-50 Carb Clean-Up

After a few decades of sitting around the carb on the little Honda wasn’t looking so great but with bi-carb soda in a media blasting gun the parts were cleaned up to brand new condition in no time.

When this is what you start with the results are impressive.

The soda will clean away varnish and hard grime without damaging delicate parts like brass or plastic.

One of the best things about the soda, for a carburetor, is that unlike sand, glass-beads or other media, if it gets into the small passages it can be dissolved and washed away.

If you want to try this out you don’t even need a fancy media blasting gun or equipment. If you have an air-supply you can make your own with a small air-gun, some tube and a box of soda. Have a look on google for “home made soda blaster”.

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