Quiet On the Blog but…

It may be quiet on the blog

Quiet on the blog but it has been busy in the workshop with a number of projects progressing. My VSCCS application has been approved in NSW and I am just waiting on a response from the WA Department of Transport. And the picture? Well one of the projects in progress is a rebuild of a 1974 Honda QA50. This is the engine casing after a quick bead blasting.

The Honda QA50 is similar but not as popular as the Honda Z50. It came with a 2-speed gearbox, hard-tail frame, and pushrod engine putting out 2.5hp.

Here are a few before photos to show how the cases looked after more than 40 years of wear & tear.

The new media blasting cabinet is doing a great job of cleaning up the parts. It uses a lot of air, so a good compressor is needed. The standard light is almost useless so the cabinet is being upgraded with LED lighting.

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