Workshop Projects

It has been very busy here with numerous projects but the main project has been a new simple CNC router.

P1010604 This is based on the “Mostly Printed CNC” machine that has featured on Hackaday, Thingiverse and other websites. This is small 3-axis machine with belt drives on the x & y axis. The z-axis has been upgraded to a lead-screw and nut.
The purpose of this machine is to get familiar with the software & hardware before commencing work on a larger platform router and then on to a third machine which should be a solid steel frame for machining metal parts.

P1010605The “Mostly Printed CNC” is pieced together from 3D-printed parts, with round tube framework, ball-bearing runners and other purchased parts like stepper motors, toothed belts & pulleys. A Gecko G540 will be used to drive the motors as this will be used on the next larger machine.

During ordering a 8mm lead-screw with brass nut was also sourced. This required that a custom adapter be printed to attach this to the z-axis as the original design used a threaded rod and nuts. The part was quickly drawn up in Solidworks, personalised with some text embossing, and printed on in little more than an hour.


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