A Little Bit of Turning

Recently turned a few spacers on the lathe for the CRM to motard conversion (see earlier posts – CRM 250 with Aprilia RS-125 wheels & brakes).


The stainless steel spacers turned out nicely but the drawing I quickly created as a reference made me realise I really need to create a few better personalised templates in Solidworks.

Here is a list I made of what I want to include in the title block and template;
Logo                                                     – optional


3rd Angle Projection                     – standard symbol
Drawn by                                           – name and area to sign
Checked by                                       – name and area to sign
Drawing Number
Sheet size                                          – A2, A3, A4 should do for now.
Revision                                             – version in title block & table.
Sheet / of
Drg Ref                                                – for parts of larger assemblies
Material                                              – material and specifications
General surface finish

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