Finished Fabrication of Motard Bracket

The fabrication of the motard bracket, to adapt the Aprilia RS-125 radial mounted caliper to the Honda CRM-250 front forks, is now complete and the results are quite pleasing.

P1010055The bulk machining was on a manual mill using 8 and 14mm roughing bits. A round end mill created the concave fillets with roughing, hand filing and sanding to finalise the parts shape.P1010050The finished part was bead-blasted to give a smooth satin finish and relieve surface stress.

P1010057Bolting the caliper on revealed that the corners of the brake pads would foul on the bracket.

P1010061A little bit of re-work with a die-grinder provided enough clearance.

P1010065 P1010064The part is now ready for anodizing.

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