Workshop Lighting

I recently added some LED lighting to my workshop. There are several “Star” type LED modules, as well as some MR16 downlights. These were situated above the work bench and helped to highlight the work area, two of the MR16 lamps also illuminated a dart board. I had the idea of hiding the dartboard lights underneath the shelf above the board which would also allow the lighting to be off the wall reducing the amount of shadows created.P1000828

The lamp holders were typical MR16 ceramic sockets with a 3D-printed bracket to hold the lamp at the required angle. This would not be good with halogen lamps as the heat produced would be greater and could soften or burn the ABS material. There are two countersunk mounting holes and provisions for a clamping screw but since the socket was held tightly this option was not used. P1000830   As you can see there are a few small sags on the backside due to the overhang angle when printing but they don’t affect the strength of the finished part, which is hidden anyway.DSC_0168

Another benefit of using these LED lamps was the low power requirement and at 12V I could use a small wall-adapter or even 12SLA batteries in a blackout. The STAR led modules were wired in series and had one ballast resistor since the power supply was regulated.DSC_0166   I think the results are pretty good. I just need a bit more practice with the darts now and I can’t use poor lighting as an excuse.


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