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Torana Sector Gear

I was contacted by John about the ignition sector gear I had made for my HQ. He needed one for a Holden Torana, I pointed out an aftermarket one I had found for HX, HZ, LX & UC model Holdens but it doesn’t seem these black sector gears are interchangeable. It also seems like the white/cream coloured reproduction part is no longer available so I have started to make one.

Here is some of the early work based off the aluminium gear I had made.

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Lithium Starter Battery

Doesn’t look too bad…

I was unfortunate enough to have the battery fail in my car recently. It had given an indication that it wasn’t well, with a few failed starts & stalled cranks. But it would start the engine and when I checked the battery it tested fine, the alternator was charging correctly and it only accepted a small top up charge. It wasn’t till I had to isolate the battery while doing other work that I noticed the corrosion above. Then…

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Replacing Obsolete Parts

This was a practical application of using 3D-printing to fabricate replacements for obsolete parts. The center caps for Holden Commodores with steel rims is a good addition to crate a tidy standard looking vehicle. These parts were commonly available and many were probably thrown away when steel rims were upgraded to alloy wheels but now a set can be from $100 – $180. Continue reading Replacing Obsolete Parts