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Toroidal Pick-Off

What is a toroidal pick-off?
This was a recent project to create a toroidal (doughnut) shape to surround a pelletron-chain in a high voltage machine with an applied potential. The cut-away section is to allow the chain to come out without damaging the part if it were to break while running.

Toroid 1 Continue reading Toroidal Pick-Off

FEA of Motard Brake Bracket

Sorry for the lack of updates as I was overseas for a few weeks.

Now to the article, FEA or Finite Element Analysis is an excellent tool for verifying and improving your design. The following image is of a model I have created of the Honda CRM250 front fork with the custom designed adapter bracket and radially mounted caliper from an Aprilia RS-125. Continue reading FEA of Motard Brake Bracket

3D-Printed Tooling

When working on a Honda CRM 250 I needed to disassemble the engines water pump from the casing to replace the seal.

To do this the impeller needs to be unscrewed from the shaft. There is a hex on the nose of the impeller which can be gripped with a spanner or socket, the other side is not so easy. A lot of people simply jam a screwdriver in between the teeth of the plastic gear and the aluminium casing but I wasn’t happy that this would allow me to unscrew the impeller without damaging the gear. If you look closely in the photos you can see some cracks where the gear is pressed onto the shaft (apparently quite common on these engines). Continue reading 3D-Printed Tooling