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Torana Sector Gear

I was contacted by John about the ignition sector gear I had made for my HQ. He needed one for a Holden Torana, I pointed out an aftermarket one I had found for HX, HZ, LX & UC model Holdens but it doesn’t seem these black sector gears are interchangeable. It also seems like the white/cream coloured reproduction part is no longer available so I have started to make one.

Here is some of the early work based off the aluminium gear I had made.

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Lithium Starter Battery

Doesn’t look too bad…

I was unfortunate enough to have the battery fail in my car recently. It had given an indication that it wasn’t well, with a few failed starts & stalled cranks. But it would start the engine and when I checked the battery it tested fine, the alternator was charging correctly and it only accepted a small top up charge. It wasn’t till I had to isolate the battery while doing other work that I noticed the corrosion above. Then…

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Workshop Projects

It has been very busy here with numerous projects but the main project has been a new simple CNC router.

P1010604 This is based on the “Mostly Printed CNC” machine that has featured on Hackaday, Thingiverse and other websites. This is small 3-axis machine with belt drives on the x & y axis. The z-axis has been upgraded to a lead-screw and nut.
The purpose of this machine is to get familiar with the software & hardware before commencing work on a larger platform router and then on to a third machine which should be a solid steel frame for machining metal parts. Continue reading Workshop Projects

FEA Simulation & Real Life Testing

I wanted to make an improvement to the quadcopter since the timber arms, although cheap to replace, tend to break too easily. The main problem is that on impact the force tends to split the timber where it mounts into the hub.
I came up with a quick printed arm design and then did some testing. This also gave me a chance to compare the real life results with the FEA simulation. Here are the results. Continue reading FEA Simulation & Real Life Testing

Workshop Lighting

I recently added some LED lighting to my workshop. There are several “Star” type LED modules, as well as some MR16 downlights. These were situated above the work bench and helped to highlight the work area, two of the MR16 lamps also illuminated a dart board. I had the idea of hiding the dartboard lights underneath the shelf above the board which would also allow the lighting to be off the wall reducing the amount of shadows created. Continue reading Workshop Lighting