Quiet On the Blog but…

It may be quiet on the blog

Quiet on the blog but it has been busy in the workshop with a number of projects progressing. My VSCCS application has been approved in NSW and I am just waiting on a response from the WA Department of Transport. And the picture? Well one of the projects in progress is a rebuild of a 1974 Honda QA50. This is the engine casing after a quick bead blasting.

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Please Don’t Ever Do This!

This makes it very difficult to bleed the brakes but worst of all it is down right dangerous!

I was recently tasked with reconditioning a Honda CB-500 Four that had been left in the weather for a few years. When I saw the bike one of the first things that I noticed was the “front brake reservoir delete” or in simple terms a piece of Tygon tubing with a plug in it. I wasn’t impressed but had seen something similar plenty of times on the motorbike blogs and on race bikes.
Then when I went to bleed the front brake I had one squeeze of the lever (with the bleed nipple open) and then nothing. No brakes. No pumping. Nothing and the tube was still full of fluid. Continue reading Please Don’t Ever Do This!

Power Steering Cooler – Update

The new power steering cooler is working well. There are no leaks with the new hoses, fittings and clamps. After a typical drive on suburban streets the cooler is warm but cool enough to be held in the hand without burning (sorry no definitive temperature measurements at the moment). Here’s a picture of it installed where it will get plenty of air flow.p1020090